Installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (BETA)” in Camino 2.1a2pre (20110220001039) or newer

  1. Agree to Google’s terms and dowload the XPI from
  2. Quit Camino.
  3. Change the extension of the downloaded file from xpi to zip.
  4. Double-click the ZIP file to extract it.
  5. Copy the bootstrap.js and gaoptoutaddon.xpt files from the unzipped add-on’s components folder to the components folder in your Camino profile (e.g., ~/Library/Application Support/Camino/components/).
  6. Launch Camino. Sites using Google Analytics will no longer send your visit back to the Google Analytics server. However, see The wrong way to deal with privacy concerns and Google Analytics Opt-Out Snake Oil for more information on how this add-on works and why it is, overall, a rather poor privacy aid.
  7. N.B. If Google ever releases an update to this add-on, you will have to download and install it manually (repeating steps 1-5 above).

When visiting this page with the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on (BETA)” installed and working properly, the heading at the top of the page will read “You hate Google Analytics, don’t you?