Georgia Senior Classical League

Caveat Visitor:
Ahem. This unofficial GSCL site is so old that there is an official GSCL site which is now quite out-of-date itself! That this page is still here—and linked to by some other sites!—says something about how busy I've been in grad school, unable to find time to take this site down, redirect you to the official GSCL site, and fix all the links to GSCL on my own website!

Well, welcome to 2003. If, for some reason, you want to see my circa-1998 vision for a GSCL website (or, more informatively, the old "What is GSCL" handout in HTML), you can click here, but please don't link to this page anymore! Here are some links that will be more useful for you:

Georgia Senior Classical League
GSCL Listserv & Yahoo! Group
Our parent organizations, the National Senior Classical League and the Georgia Junior Classical League

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