Suwar Misriyya
Egyptian Pictures

The long awaited "pictures from Egypt page" is finally here!

Copyright notice: All pictures are copyrighted by Smokey Ardisson unless otherwise indicated, and are displayed here for your personal viewing enjoyment. They may be used for school reports provided the report acknowledges Smokey Ardisson and as the source. If you wish to use these pictures for any other puropse, please contact me first. Thank you.

These pictures are from my trip to Cairo in the summer of 1994 with the National Council on US-Arab Relations' Malcolm H. Kerr Scholars Program. Look for the more of the pictures within the next few weeks!

The following pictures are currently online:

N.B. If you are using Windows, the brightness of the pictures may vary depending on the gamma setting your monitor uses. These pictures are optimized for Mac Standard Gamma.

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