"Mitch and Nicole's Song"
(to the tune of "Winter Wonderland")

Here at school on a Thursday
Everybody's in your way.
You just failed a test;
Your locker's a mess;
Walkin' into Latin Wonderland.

When you come back tomorrow on a Friday,
There'll be another test that's just for you.
You'll say "Mr. Coleman, I don't get it;
The only one I understand is #2."

You'll go home, then to the ballgame;
But the score is always the same:
Central's the best, all others come next;
Walkin' into Central's wonderland.

You'll be back at school the next Monday;
Mr. Coleman's fickle finger's buggin' you.
He'll say "Clear your desk, it's time for a quiz",
And you'll say "HELP, I don't know what to do!"

Mr. Coleman, it's a Monday;
Give me a break just this one day.
This class is the best;
I love it to death;
Walkin' into Latin wonderland.

On a Tuesday I'll have no fun
`Cause I'm sick of translation.
Oh, I wish it were summer;
Hercules is a bummer;
Here we are in Latin wonderland.

Mr. Coleman, what is "ferro";
Is it related to Sonny Bono?
Deponents are cool
But my head's in a whirl;
HELP! I'm stuck in Latin wonderland.

Wednesday's dawn's bright and cheery;
I get to Latin and I'm leery.
Smokey's loud laugh is causing a draft;
A blizzard here in Latin wonderland.

The Clvb's official song is known as "Mitch and Nicole's Song", after the authors, Mitch Stripling (`94) and Nicole Farnsworth (`95), who wrote it one Thursday in the fall of 1992 during their Second-Year class.

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