Previous Officers

The Central Gwinnett HS Latin Clvb is beginning its second decade of existence. Clvb Officers from the past are listed here. Any address updates or corrections are appreciated. Please send them to the web-magister. Mvltas gratias tibi ago!

1998-1999 Officers

Consvles: Jason Campos and Matthew Johnson
Prætor: Beth Guthrie
Qvæstor: Warren Patrick
Scriba: Scott Hunter
Tribvni: unknown

1997-1998 Officers

Consvles: Emily Patrick (`98) and Sean O'Donnell (`98)
Prætor: Rory Jewell (`98)
Qvæstor: Terri-Lynn Beaudreaux (`98)
Scriba: Amanda Sifford (`98)
Tribvni: unknown
Historica: Joy Parrott (`98)

1996-1997 Officers

Consvles: Jason Wagner (`97) and Emily Patrick (`98)
Prætor: Gabe Chu (`97)
Qvæstor: Chris Knoch (`97)
Scriba: Kristi Queen
Tribvni: unknown

1995-1996 Officers

Consvles: Sherrod DeGrippo (`96) and Karl Riddett (`96)
Prætor: Leah Segal (`96)
Qvæstor: Michelle Alger (`96)
Scriba: Brianna Hall (`97)
Tribvni: unknown
GJCL President: Jessee Morris (`96)

Consvl Emeritvs: Smokey Ardisson (`95)

1994-1995 Officers

Consvles: Smokey Ardisson (`95) and Karl Riddett (`96)
Prætor: Tommy Hsiao (`95)
Qvæstor: Nirav Dhruva (`95)
Scriba: Moon Kim (`96)
Tribvni: Mark "Felix" Mays (`96), Coleen Ondre, Patrick Copeland, Travis Hale (`95), and Gennady Pashnyk
Historica: Sherrod DeGrippo (`96)
GJCL Editor: Smokey Ardisson (`95)

1993-1994 Officers

Consvles: John Eggers (`95) and Smokey Ardisson (`95)
Prætor: Mitch Stripling (`94)
Qvæstor: Nirav Dhruva (`95)
Scriba: Jawad Shaikh (`95)
Tribvni: Tommy Hsiao (`95), Jennifer Chambers (`94), Karl Riddett (`96), and Chris Ingraham (`96)
Historica: Sharon Mozley (`94)
Editor: Jenny Stevens (`94)

1992-1993 Officers

Consvles: Vinay Reddy (`94) and Brad Glover (`93?)
Prætor: Mitch Stripling (`94)
Qvæstor: Linn Oh (`94)
Scriba: Cecilia Tham
Tribvni: Matt Appling, Anna Suhonen (`94), Jessica Griffin (`95), and Nirav Dhruva (`95)

1991-1992 Officers

Consvles: Shannon James (`92) and Clint "Clintivs Rex" King (`94)
Prætor: Vinay Reddy (`94)
Qvæstor: April McGaughey (`93)
Scriba: Jessica Deems, Jennifer Henry
Æidles: Matt Barrett (`93) and Jane Kim
Tribvni: Smokey Ardisson (`95), Andy Brown (`95), Nicole Farnsworth (`95), John Olvey (`94), Mitch Stripling (`94), and Colin Casteneda

1990-1991 Officers

Consvles: Chad Gunnells (`92) and ???
Prætor: Marné Turner
Qvæstor: unknown
Scriba: Amy Eubanks
Æidle: Janice Stuckey
Tribvni: Shannon James (`92)

1989-1990 Officers

Consvles: Brian Moore and Shannon Hillhouse
Prætor: Felicia Scales
Qvæstor: Ivy Howerton
Scriba: Chris Brookes
Æidle: Larry Veit

1988-1989 Officers

Consvles: unknown
Prætor: unknown
Qvæstor: unknown
Scriba: unknown
Æidle: unknown

1988-1989 and some 1990-1991 officers unknown by the web-magister.

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