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Celebrating a second decade of Latin at Central Gwinnett

* This page is currently under major renovation! *

Please pardon our dust, we're a Classical organization! :-) But seriously, before the second decade of Latin at CGHS is over (2008!), we hope to have the page redesigned and even have some pictures (finally) online. Please check back soon.

The Central Gwinnett Latin Clvb is proud to celebrate the beginning of the second decade of Latin at Central. In the past ten years, we have had two state officers, including the 1995-1996 GJCL President, Jessee Morris, and have watched our club grow from a handful of members to one of the largest in the state of Georgia and to as high a ranking as 60th nationally.

This page purports to present some interesting facts about the Central Gwinnett Latin Clvb.

N.B. The 2005 State Board GJCL Convention Scholarship Application can be downloaded here.

Latin Links

Our parent organization, the Georgia Junior Classical League
* Visit the National Junior Classical League for more electronic Latin links *
Forum Romanum, a massive resource for anyone interested in Latin or ancient Rome!
De Imperatoribus Romanis, an encyclopaedia of Roman emperors and Roman history
Romanæ, a website on Roman women
Nuntii Latin, world news in Latin from Finland

Interesting Stuff

The Latin classes at Central Gwinnett maintain the Shrine of the Weeping Elvis, dedicated to the Rex, who is known to cry upon students sitting under his portrait. Other interesting things Central Latin has experimented with include a Chia Pet, Sea Monkeys, the Matt Szlemko memorial self-portrait/effigy ("I love you, man!"), and a Latin story about penguins going to Fall Forum that stretched around the room.

The Clvb also has an official song, known as "Mitch and Nicole's Song", after the authors, Mitch Stripling (`94) and Nicole Farnsworth (`95), who wrote it one Thursday in the fall of 1992 during their Second-Year class.

And, we have a large number of siblings following siblings in Latin at Central.

Coming soon: Pictures of the Clvb!

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