"It's a Family Affair"


The Turner sisters, Marn and Melinda
The Moghaddam brothers, Fared and Farshed
The Malcolm brothers, Brad and Jason
The Stevens sisters, Jenny and Kate
The Abrams brothers, Derek and Alex
The Deaners, Richard and Brittany
The Copelands, Jennifer and Patrick
The Chamberses, Jennifer and Chris
The Riddetts, Karl, Karinna, and Peter
The Konomos brothers, Michael and John
The Harrises, Leslie and Spike
The Patricks, Emily and Warren
The Chus, Gabe and Angela
The Hunters, Charity, Emily, and Scott
The Ardisson brothers, Smokey and Rocky
The Camposes, Jason and Melissa

with special guest stars

John Eggers and his plastic son, Qvintinivs!
(not Mrs. Beasley!)

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