2018-01-17 5:38:11 PM EST

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Signs of spring, signs of winter

2018-01-17 3:08:56 AM EST

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Late-night snow…


2018-01-16 2:17:18 PM EST

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Really exciting to see several non-English posts in Discover today. 🌍

(Also really exciting: I remember enough French to read some!)


2018-01-15 10:13:08 PM EST

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Crepe myrtle by streetlight

2018-01-15 6:37:33 PM EST

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Oooh! Finally found someone I know on Micro.blog! Let’s Micro Monday Jon Hicks @hicksdesign, purveyor of fine words and images about design, icons, bicycles, cheese, et al. You may know him for the Firefox icon; I know him from working with us on Camino icons and web design. 👋

2018-01-15 6:21:29 PM EST

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@manton Is there any way to find one of my older comments on someone else’s status? Google didn’t help—seems v. sporadic about what it’s indexed. DDG seemed better, but still didn’t have the comment. (Browser history saved me in this case, since I’d viewed the conv. on the web.)

2018-01-15 5:32:13 PM EST

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Has it struck anyone else that 38 minutes is also the amount of time a Stargate can maintain a stable wormhole (as illustrated in the now-eerie Stargate Atlantis s01e04 “Thirty Eight Minutes” 📺)?

(Also, though not as relevant, possibly the length of the Anglo-Zanzibar War.)


2018-01-13 4:27:01 PM EST

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Five+ years on, and my grandmother’s flowers are still blooming 💐❤️


2018-01-12 11:49:54 PM EST

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When you realize you’ve written two poems titled “Lifeline” just over two decades apart….

(Technically, the first was “The Lifeline” and the second is just “Lifeline”, but it’s close enough to be dangerous.)

2018-01-12 5:54:14 PM EST

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Long-ish reflection on two weeks using Micro.blog.

Micro version: it feels like it’s off to a good start, and it hasn’t sent me running for the hills like social networks typically do to me.