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Troubleshoot Camino brings Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” compatibility

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I’m a little bit late to reporting this (I’ve been preoccupied with other things recently), but last week I released a new version of Troubleshoot Camino, version

This version fixes one minor old bug where Troubleshoot Camino would fail to quit in certain error conditions (I’ve had the fix in my development versions for over a year); one old minor bug I recently discovered recently (when reusing some of the code in another application) where sometimes Troubleshoot Camino would display alerts when it was not the front application, making the alerts potentially hard to see; and fixes a new bug in order to run successfully on Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard.” Interestingly, the 10.6 bug is the same as the first bug John Gruber describes here. Like Gruber, I tend to think this is a regression in 10.6, but I had also long ago noticed that particular command syntax failing randomly on versions of Mac OS X going back to 10.3. I had already fixed this particular bug in my development version, too, though in a different way than Gruber—I switched to a list, if theFoo is not in {"bar", "baz"}. (Update: Michael Tsai makes the argument, supported by actual Apple documentation, that what Gruber and I were doing shouldn’t really have worked to begin with, which would fit with the history of random failures I had experienced.)

I had initially hoped simply to release Troubleshoot Camino 1.2.2, which has been under development for almost two years now (since, by the time I was aware of the 10.6 bug, all three issues fixes had been fixed in the 1.2.2 development versions), but despite daily usage and no bug reports from my beta testers, Stuart Morgan noticed additional problems that I couldn’t readily fix that evening. In the end, it proved simpler to backport the targeted fixes to 1.2.1 and release Special thanks to Stuart for testing my fixes on 10.6 as I wrote them. Hopefully once the push to Camino 2 is over I can finally finish up 1.2.2 and release its new features, but in the meantime, please upgrade to for happier troubleshooting!