Best of Brent Simmons on Software Development for End-Users

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Brent Simmons, author of renowned feed reader NetNewsWire, periodically writes about software development issues as they pertain to end-users. He debunks common end-user myths and misconceptions about software development (“it’s like one line of code to add this”) and provides guidance to users about making good feature requests and bug reports (and why developers will ask you lots of questions along the way). Since I periodically want to refer back to these posts (and refer others to them) and Google is not nearly as omniscient as one might expect ;) when entering "Brent Simmons" "software development for end users", I’ve decided that here is as good a place as any to collect them for my reference.

(Thanks to Brent for doing all the hard work of writing these articles, and apologies for appropriating your name for the title of this anthology.)


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    08.29.16 at 1:00 am

    […] Which I’ve linked to before in my compilation of great “Brent Simmons on software development for end-users” articles. […]

  2. User Grav­atarافكار و احلام » A Strange Preparatory Footnote to the Fate of the Open Web said,

    06.01.17 at 5:16 pm

    […] episode of Gruber’s podcast. Since I think Brent Simmons is an interesting guy and often has useful things to say about software development, I was curious to see what his new project was. Since I am […]

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