Camino 2009 Week 29-30

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It’s been a busy past couple of weeks around here, with lots of exciting changes.

  • Stuart Morgan has kept busy with reviews and super-reviews, but he’s also hard at work on the next piece of Breakpad data reporting. He has a patch ready to use Mac OS X folder icons in Bookmarks and History on 10.5, and he also landed a change to get us full symbols from all of our bundled frameworks.
  • Sean Murphy’s main focus continues to be our forthcoming safe browsing feature, and he is working on a patch for the last major piece of UI left for that. In addition, his patch to do all the complex gymnastics required for our Cocoa font UI to communicate with Gecko and its font objects has landed, which means our Chinese, Japanese, and Korean users can finally change fonts using the same font UI as every other Camino user (and as every user of every other native Mac application). This means that the ghost of bug 175651 has finally been exorcised (and, in fact, that the “Advanced” sheet is non-functional; it will be removed soon). Thanks to Sean for all of his work on this bug and also to everyone who helped test or supplied pointers along the way.
  • Christopher Henderson continues to work on changes to the zoom UI and UTF-8 support in URL in bookmarks. In addition, his patch for menu item validation for our safe browsing feature landed Friday.
  • The first several patches for Summer of Code hacker Dan Weber’s autocomplete rewrite landed over the past two weeks, and he is now the proud owner of nearly a dozen bugs for regressions or follow-ups (Dan also earned his hyatt merit badge on his very first patch). As of today’s Camino 2.1a1pre nightlies, location bar autocomplete searches both URL and name/title for both bookmarks and history items, and the autocomplete window looks a little more like the late ‘00s than the early ‘00s. (While Dan’s blog is supposed to be appearing on Camino Planet, Planet is not happy with his feed for some reason, so be sure to visit or subscribe separately to get all the latest location bar and autocomplete news.)
  • Philippe Wittenbergh has been busy updating a number of graphic elements in Camino. He and I have been tweaking the CSS rules for the various error pages as well as updating the icons that appear on them to correct some long-standing issues. In addition, Philippe has been polishing a set of tab images that are under consideration as part of a 10.5-focused touch-up of the tab and bookmark bars.
  • At the beginning of the reporting period, with some last-minute help from mento’s insomnia, I branched mozilla/camino so that we had a place to land Dan’s changes without affecting the upcoming Camino 2 release. In addition to work with Philippe on the error page icons, I’ve started prototyping improved text for the safe browsing overlay, fixed some minor website bugs, readied an upgrade to the latest version of Flashblock, and started work on the latest ad-blocking omnibug.

I’m very excited that we finally have our main font preferences working properly for our East Asian users; that general problem has bugged me since I became involved with Camino development years ago, and I’m happy to have played a very small role in migrating Gecko to the correct Cocoa font names (which in turn paved the way for Sean to fix the problem in Camino once and for all). It’s also good to see Dan’s work landing, after all the design work and the review process the changes have gone through, and I’m looking forward to more polish in the coming weeks!

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  1. User Grav­atarPhilippe said,

    07.27.09 at 9:09 am

    Six cheers (and 3 banzai) for Sean ! His font prefs patch is very nice.
    And Dans work is great. But but… since the bookmark title patch landed I keep on finding bookmarks I had long forgotten, hidden in some deeply nested folder. As I commented in the forums, maybe I’ll finally find what I’m looking for !

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