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It’s been a while since I’ve made a Camino post, mostly because I’ve been sick and incredibly busy (simultaneously) over the past few weeks.

However, I did want to provide a little bit of an update on the Camino 2 schedule and plans. Right now we’re hard at work on the last two major features for Camino 2, one that’s under development and one that’s still being polished to the point where we’ll consider it shippable. On the other hand, Camino 2.0 Beta 1 has been out for a while now, and we have a handful of significant Gecko fixes, new Growl support, and a handful of smaller improvements that have landed since then.

In light of those items, we decided at last Wednesday’s meeting to insert a new beta into the Camino 2 schedule. The localization and feature freeze will still coincide with our final beta (now to be Beta 3), but in the next week or so we’ll release Camino 2.0 Beta 2 with the last several months’ improvements.

As before, everyone using Camino 2.0 Beta 1 or Camino 2.0b2pre nightlies will be automatically updated to Beta 2 when it is released, so just watch for the update prompt!

(For those of you using the stable version, Camino 1.6.6, we’re also planning an update sometime in March, to coincide with the next Gecko 1.8.1.x release.)


  1. User Grav­atarChris said,

    02.23.09 at 9:21 pm

    Awesome! Keep up the great work.

    And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the “DELETE key as Back button” bug gets fixed for 2.0 :)

  2. User Grav­atarSmokey said,

    02.24.09 at 2:53 am

    Chris: Glad you’re enjoying our work!

    There is a faint glimmer of hope again that we might yet be able to get a useful resolution to the Gecko bug that is responsible for us not being able to get the info we need about Delete. I’m not holding my breath, but my fingers are crossed, too. ;)

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