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In the past couple of days, the Gecko fixes I alluded to earlier in the week have landed. Those of you using nightlies (or even Camino 2.0 Beta 1) will want to move to today’s nightly build.

In particular,

  • One cause of crash-on-quit on Mac OS X 10.5 and leak-on-quit on 10.4 has been fixed.
  • Flash that was activated after being blocked by Flashblock no longer continues playing sound after its tab or window has been closed. The fix for this bug also appears to fix a much older set of problems where Flash would apparently continue running (silently!) and eat CPU until quitting Camino.
  • The hang when trying to book a flight with Lufthansa has also been fixed; special thanks to Boris Zbarsky for the amazing turn-around time on that fix and to the Mozilla 1.9.0 drivers for approving it to land this week!

So go enjoy your Camino, now with more Gecko-related fixes!


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