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Wednesday afternoon I landed Christopher Henderson’s first Camino patch, which enabled Gecko 1.9’s content (or full page) zoom feature. Most people are familiar with our “Bigger Text” (and matching “Smaller Text”) function, which simply increases the size of text on a web page, often with disastrous consequences to “finely-tuned” site layouts. Content zoom, by contrast, scales the entire web page—text, images, layout quirks, and all—at the same time, producing text that is easier to read without also causing some of that text to disappear under other portions of the page or other disruptive layout changes. This new zoom will be in the 28 August Camino 2.0a1pre nightly.

Content zoom takes over the ⌘+ and ⌘- keyboard shortcuts from text size (those move ⌘⌥+ and ⌘⌥-) and as such becomes the “default zoom,” but both text size and content zoom are available in all three traditional methods of invocation: the menu (text size commands appear when is held down), the keyboard, and on the toolbar (where text size and content zoom are both available as optional buttons).

We’re aware that there are compelling use-cases for both types of “zoom” and that replacing one with the other has caused some consternation in other browsers, which is why we’re happy to provide both at all times. We are seeking feedback about the menu and keyboard shortcut configurations, so please let us know what you think after you’ve played with the feature for a bit.

Special thanks to Eiichi for providing us with a MainMenu.nib saved on Mac OS X 10.4.11, and thanks again to Christopher Henderson for implementing the feature—we look forward to your next patch!


  1. User Grav­atarChristopher Henderson said,

    08.28.08 at 4:31 am

    No problem! I’ll look through the bug list and see what catches my eye. I really enjoyed helping to improve my favourite browser, something I hope to do many more times in the future.

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