Quote of the Week (or, how the mighty have fallen)

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From the Ars Technica comments on a recent Ars piece:

I didn’t expect to find "Jackass of the Week" material featured on Ars.

(Hat tip to Daring Fireball.)


“Enlarge the content on this page” (or, “Zoom In”)

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Wednesday afternoon I landed Christopher Henderson’s first Camino patch, which enabled Gecko 1.9’s content (or full page) zoom feature. Most people are familiar with our “Bigger Text” (and matching “Smaller Text”) function, which simply increases the size of text on a web page, often with disastrous consequences to “finely-tuned” site layouts. Content zoom, by contrast, scales the entire web page—text, images, layout quirks, and all—at the same time, producing text that is easier to read without also causing some of that text to disappear under other portions of the page or other disruptive layout changes. This new zoom will be in the 28 August Camino 2.0a1pre nightly.

Content zoom takes over the ⌘+ and ⌘- keyboard shortcuts from text size (those move ⌘⌥+ and ⌘⌥-) and as such becomes the “default zoom,” but both text size and content zoom are available in all three traditional methods of invocation: the menu (text size commands appear when is held down), the keyboard, and on the toolbar (where text size and content zoom are both available as optional buttons).

We’re aware that there are compelling use-cases for both types of “zoom” and that replacing one with the other has caused some consternation in other browsers, which is why we’re happy to provide both at all times. We are seeking feedback about the menu and keyboard shortcut configurations, so please let us know what you think after you’ve played with the feature for a bit.

Special thanks to Eiichi for providing us with a MainMenu.nib saved on Mac OS X 10.4.11, and thanks again to Christopher Henderson for implementing the feature—we look forward to your next patch!


Camino 2008 Week 32/33

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, so once again I’ve fallen behind on weekly updates; here’s a quick catch-up on the first half of August.

  • First up, we released Camino 1.6.3 on August 7. Due to scheduling (European summer vacations!), I ended up building the multilingual version of Camino 1.6.3 myself, so if there are any problems or the disk image looks out-of-the-ordinary, it’s my fault. ;-) Mark Mentovai again handled our build and staging processes, Stuart Morgan readied the software update bits, and I handled website changes.
  • Stuart again attacked the review queue, putting the anti-phishing patch through its paces as well as tackling a couple of smaller reviews. He also produced a patch to support the new certificate exceptions model in Gecko 1.9, which is the last major item blocking Camino 2.0 Alpha 1.
  • Sean Murphy continued his work on fixing the main window key loop, focusing on a patch to add the tab bar to the key loop patch, and slipped in a small review as well.
  • Chris Lawson spent time working on several bugs relating to “cleaning” pastes of undesirable characters. He also made a pass through our list of unconfirmed bugs.
  • Christopher Henderson put together a version of his patch for content zoom that contained all of our changes, and he was also pressed into service reviewing some of Chris Lawson’s aforementioned patches.
  • Peter Jaros dug into an toolbar script-related bug that I had filed recently, developed a hypothesis, and suggested a course of action that might resolve the bug.
  • In addition to my work on releases and the usual triage, I (belatedly) organized the discussion on the content zoom UI and spent a good chunk of time doing a review of the UI in Stuart’s certificate exception patch.

Next up for us: Camino 1.6.4 and polishing off the last patches blocking Camino 2.0 Alpha 1.


Camino 2008 July Catch-Up

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While it’s not quite as exciting as surviving manifold assaults on resort living that have been the main feature of late on Planet Mozilla (nor, for that matter, as exciting as the Norwegian version of a “sea-to-sky highway”), a round-up of Camino events in July is due. Though July was filled with travel, moving, new jobs, summer school, and other impositions of real life, the Camino team still managed to make progress during the month.

  • Samuel Sidler and Mark Mentovai led us out of the long, dark months of no nightly builds and flaky G4 Mac mini build machines; they got our Xserve up and running again following the required brain transplant from Mozilla IT. Sam also exorcised some gremlins that had taken up residence in our web servers and had prevented a couple of auxiliary sites from working properly.
  • Stuart Morgan recently made a couple of attacks on our growing review queue, knocking out several reviews or superreviews of upcoming features and smaller bug-fixes. He also landed the latest Sparkle beta and reworked our Sparkle integration to match; we’ll move to the final Sparkle 1.5 once it’s available.
  • Sean Murphy spent time wrangling Cocoa and Gecko to generate a patch that finally hooks up a complete, correct keyboard loop throughout the main browser window (for the moment it only works tabbing forward, but that’s a huge improvement over the random state the loop is usually in today). He has also continued working on bugs related to the forthcoming anti-phishing feature.
  • Bryan Atwood’s patch for the Flashblock whitelist underwent the latest round of review this weekend; it’s very close to being ready.
  • While I was away, Christopher Henderson showed up with a patch to implement Gecko 1.9’s new full-page (or content) zoom in Camino, and it’s pretty slick. The patch went through superreview this weekend, and after a few small changes (and a few final design decisions by the team), it’ll be ready to land very soon. Thanks, Christopher, for working on this!
  • Since returning from Europe, I’ve gone right back to the usual miscellany—bug triage (kept well under control by the rest of the gang in my absence), patch landings, and stability and security updates (we were able to spring mento from captivity for a bit this weekend, so there’s now a 1.6.3 release candidate ready for testing).

That just about covers July’s main events; I hope I didn’t forget anything—if I did, Sam will no doubt let me know! Hopefully as the summer winds to a close (some schoolchildren near here head back to school in the morning!) we’ll be able to provide changes on a more regular basis and get Camino 2.0 Alpha 1 into your hands soon!