SimpleScripts WordPress Upgrade: Simple!

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Unsurprisingly, a new version of WordPress appeared while I was away in Europe. Once returning, one of the first things on my agenda was upgrading from WordPress 2.5.1 to the new version 2.6. This was going to be my first upgrade using SimpleScripts (a replacement for the once-vaunted Fantastico), and an upgrade to an entirely new version, not simply a small security release, at that, so I was interested to see how the process would play out.

First off, I read the WordPress release announcement and learned that there were very few changes that would adversely affect plugins and themes (the latter very good news, since I’m using a somewhat-customized version of the Ocadia theme and the theme’s author, Becca Wei, seems to have vanished shortly after I installed her theme way back with WordPress 2.0 :-( ). Database backups in hand, I then popped over to my host’s cPanel and opened SimpleScripts; the WordPress 2.6 upgrade was waiting for me. Since I was abroad, I’m not sure when the new version appeared in SimpleScripts, but by my count it’s been five days (two of them a weekend) since the WordPress release announcement, and that beats the best performance I ever saw with Fantastico. I switched back to my WordPress admin page, disabled plugins, and then started the upgrade process. About a minute later, I was running WordPress 2.6. :-)

So far everything seems to be working fine, the only “side-effect” being a spam comment that snuck in while Akismet was disabled for the upgrade. That’s more bad luck than the fault of SimpleScripts. ;)

The verdict: SimpleScripts does indeed seem to make upgrades simple!

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