Camino 2008 Week 25

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Just a brief report on some of last week’s progress:

  • Sean Murphy posted an updated version of his anti-phishing patch, as well as a patch that adds the ability for Camino to perform useful action when a user clicks on a XUL button in the content area (buttons which have been proliferating with the move to introduce new error pages for every error type).
  • Chris Lawson worked on a few Preferences window-related bugs again last week.
  • Over the weekend Samuel Sidler switched one of our G4 minis over to build the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH (as we continue to await the return of our Xserve, which went AWOL in late May), so we once again have nightly builds of what will become Camino 1.6.2 in the near future.
  • Towards the end of last week, I gave Ted Mielczarek a few ideas about how to address bug 406088 (make the Mozilla Crash Reporter work better for right-to-left languages) on Mac OS X. I also began preparations for the Camino 1.6.2 release, including compiling the release notes and putting them up for review. Over the weekend I also created a patch that causes Camino to use some .css files from toolkit/themes/pinstripe/ instead of from the old mozilla/themes, which will lead to better appearance of the aforementioned XUL buttons, among other things.

That’s all for week 25. If I have the time, there might be another summary next weekend; otherwise, this feature will resume after my return from Europe.

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