Camino 2008 Week 1

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For those of you tuning in to “Camino $YEAR Week $WEEK” for the very first time, this is a weekly/semi-weekly feature in which I provide a brief (sometimes not-so-brief) recap of what members of the Camino team have been working on over the previous week.

It’s the first week of the new year, and despite holidays and vacations, we got off to a running start; we’ve fixed over 20 bugs since our weekly meeting on Wednesday. Looking over the fixes, the themes of the week seem to be “accessibility” and “preference panes.”

  • Over the holidays Mark Mentovai continued to build up a backlog of patches for us to review, and with Stuart Morgan and I catching up on reviews, Mark’s responsible for most of the week’s bug fixes. He fixed some nagging bugs involving setting up the key loops and first responders in our preference panes (important for Full Keyboard Access users). He also fixed a very old, very vexing bug with the Appearance preference pane—a bug that caused us to have to be very careful when making changes to the pane, and which caused Ian and I no end of trouble over the past couple of years. The other major change Mark landed this week is a way to edit the list of sites for which you’ve prevented the Keychain from saving information; no more quitting and editing a .plist when you make a mistake! He also started working on some bugs covering the Fonts side of the Appearance preference pane this week, along with the usual complement of reviews and super-reviews.
  • Stuart finished reviews of three of the five major new features that could possibly appear in ✈ (Camino 1.6): a search engine editor, support for OpenSearch engines, and Keychain support for multiple accounts at the same site. In addition to reviews for those major features and his share of reviews on Mark’s patches, Stuart also improved sorting in our cookies UI and added the ability to select a cookie exception for a sub-domain and make the exception apply to the entire domain (useful when you start accumulating “Deny” exceptions for ad1.adserver.com, ad3.adserver.com, … ad299.adserver.com). He also made changes to our permissions wrapper code to make it easier for third-parties to develop preference panes for manipulating settings related to cookies, pop-ups, images, scripts, and so forth without having to talk to Gecko themselves.
  • Jeff Dlouhy posted a new WIP patch for tab dragging this week, addressing the review comments Håkan Waara provided last week and cleaning up some more of the dragging code.
  • Sean Murphy (who fixed a number of bugs related to spell-check and the pop-up bar for Camino 1.5) quickly addressed the review comments Stuart left on the search engine editor and OpenSearch patches and readied new versions for super-review.
  • Bryan Atwood (who brought us Flashblock in Camino 1.5) went through two rounds of review with Stuart on the patch to support multiple accounts for a single site with the Keychain, and he provided a patch for super-review as the weekend came to a close. (pinkerton will have a busy week of super-reviews ahead of him! ;) )
  • New developer Markus Magnuson’s third patch was a simple fix to make the cursor disappear when pressing the Page Up or Page Down keys, like all good Mac apps. This patch actually required a trip into the bowels of Gecko, but Markus survived. His patch was reviewed and super-reviewed this week, and I checked the patch in to the trunk yesterday. It’s a very small change, so we’re hoping we can get approval to include it in Camino 1.6 as well.
  • Samuel Sidler’s main project for Camino this week was to develop an updated set of default bookmarks. Our default bookmarks have only been thoroughly updated once since Dave Hyatt’s original February 2002 Chimera set, but that update was in October of 2002! Five-plus years later, the internet (and Camino’s audience) have changed tremendously, and our bookmarks needed to catch up. Sam managed a stream of feedback from our team and put everything together into a final set.
  • For me it was another week of assorted work, as usual. I upgraded our Flashblock code to use the latest version in advance of Camino 1.6 Beta 1 and did a number of reviews and some work on the website. I also spent some time this week following changes to the mozilla.org website and provided Ted Mielczarek a detailed series of comment on the “Revision 2” UI for the Mac version of the Mozilla Crash Reporter.

I doubt we’ll be able to keep up this crazy pace much longer, but the last few weeks have put us in good shape for the upcoming Camino 1.6. I’m starting to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and no, it’s not an oncoming train!), and we hope to have many of these goodies ready for you in Beta 1 in a couple of weeks.

(If you missed last week’s round-up due to the holidays, you can catch the 2007 year-end review here.)

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