Camino 2007 in Review

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Wow, how time flies when you’re building web browsers! ;) It’s time again for my annual look back at the Camino Project’s progress during the year.

While we didn’t meet our goals of getting Camino 1.5 (né 1.1) and 1.6 (né 1.2) out in early and mid-2007, respectively, we still had a good year with lots of accomplishments.

  1. First and foremost, we released Camino 1.5 in early June. After over a year of work, our “quick follow-up to 1.0” became a significant new upgrade instead, fixing a large number of our bugs that had very high vote counts in Bugzilla. We’ve also released four stability-and-security updates to 1.5 since June. The Multilingual version of Camino 1.5.x currently ships with 15 languages.
    • In concert with the 1.5 release, we debuted a refreshed version of caminobrowser.org, made possible thanks to hard work from Samuel Sidler and designer extraordinaire Jon Hicks.
    • We also continued to support our users on Mac OS X 10.2 with Camino 1.0 security updates until August, just after mozilla.org discontinued support for the version of Gecko used in Camino 1.0.x.
    • Earlier this month, we released the first alpha of Camino 1.6, showing everyone (or those who haven’t been using nightly builds) what we’ve been working on since June.
  2. We held the first face-to-face meet-up of Camino team members, at which we articulated the Project’s mission statement and finalized development plans for Camino 1.6. This event, which followed Apple’s annual WWDC conference, was made possible in part thanks to the Mozilla Corporation.
  3. For the second year in a row, we were awarded a Google Summer of Code slot. Jeff Dlouhy worked on “tabsposé,” a sort of Exposé for tabs. Jeff’s summer work is available in trunk builds of Camino.
  4. We also were able to co-sponsor (with the Mozilla Foundation) a second summer project, work from Peter Jaros to overhaul and modernize our AppleScript support. While we can’t top Safari or OmniWeb yet, we do have some nifty features like custom toolbar items written in AppleScript (see PimpMyCamino for some to try out!); all of Peter’s work is available in the aforementioned Camino 1.6 Alpha 1.
  5. As is often the case in volunteer organizations, people come and go. While some old friends have had to cut back their contributions due to graduation or new jobs, we’ve also welcomed new faces to the team.
    • In addition to Jeff and Peter, Bryan Atwood arrived this year, contributing patches for Flashblock support in Camino 1.5 as well as an extensive patch under review that will bring support for multiple accounts per website to our Keychain integration.
    • As the year came to a close, Swedish localizer Markus Magnuson started submitting patches, too; we look forward to more great work in the future!
    • The Norwegian localization of Camino, which disappeared in Camino 1.0, returned for Camino 1.5; there are also localizers working on reviving the Chinese translation and starting a Hungarian translation. (If Camino isn’t, or is no longer, available in your language, contact caminol10n and see how you can help.)
  6. Along those same lines, our Teams Coordinator Samuel Sidler started working at Mozilla Corporation in the QA Department in March. This meant that Sam was working on Mozilla-related stuff 24/7 ;-) for most of the year, which in turn meant more bugs got fixed—in shared Gecko components, in Firefox, and also in Camino—and we had a better feel for release schedules and other changes. Even though he wasn’t working on Camino directly at the day job, his work helped us out.
  7. Much to the relief of Stuart Morgan, Ian Leue, and Mark Mentovai, I obtained cvs access in October. I can now check in my own (slowly rising number of) patches, as well as those patches we take for security and stability updates, instead of having to take our other developers off what they’re working on to land things for me. ;-)
  8. Like developers, tinderboxen come and go, too:
    • We said good-bye to our old friend pawn, which had served Camino and Mozilla well for seven years, compiling the latest code day-in and day-out.
    • Late in the year (November?), we welcomed the creatively-named cb-miniosx01 to our collection of tinderboxen. cb-miniosx01, a Mac mini, is the first Mac OS X 10.5 tinderbox in the Mozilla world and will catch any build problems on 10.5.
  9. Finally, thanks to an initiative by the Mozilla Foundation, the Camino Project is now able to accept monetary donations. If you can’t code to save your life and don’t have the time (or the stomach) for dealing with bug reports, you can contribute to the Project financially. No, we’re not going to use the money to buy pinkerton a Porsche. We’ll work with the Foundation to identify and fund specific projects, like Peter’s AppleScript work over the summer, where a little bit of money can make a noticeable difference in Camino. Thanks to the Foundation for starting this program and for matching 2007 donations 2-for-1.

Whew! I think that just about covers the major events of this past year. 2008 promises to be another good year, with Camino 1.6 expected early in the year with better tabbed browsing and software update, followed by a switch to what’s now the trunk, Gecko 1.9, for Camino 2.0. Gecko 1.9 will fix a large number of long-standing Mac-specific bugs in page rendering, form controls, international text layout, improve the situation with plug-ins, and include all sorts of other nifty changes, and we’ll wrap an even better Camino around it. For the nostalgic (or balding ;) ) types out there, 2008 is also the 10th anniversary of Netscape’s release of the browser source code that got this whole thing started; mozilla.org’s going to party like it’s 1998.

Thanks to everyone in the Camino community—our developers, our testers, our localizers, users, and friends—for a great 2007. Happy New Year and welcome to 2008!


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    And… a Happy New Year to all the developers! Thanks for all the efforts to make Camino a nice browser.

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